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“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”

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People wrote plenty of different blogs about travelling. Some of them exciting, some are funny, another one are boring and full of unnecessary info. But no matter how they are and what you read, it will never substitute to you the FFELING of going down from the plane, stepping at a new land. And you feel yourself the great discover Columbus and this is the moment for you!
“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” - so get up and go to a new place, start from what is near to you and slowly you will find yourself doing impossible.

There are few tips that I would like to share with you from my experience of visiting 30 countries in 10 years.

1. Remember that the best trips are the most spontaneous. You can plan your trip in details, read a lot of guide books, but when you come to that new land, you have to trust only your eyes, your feet and your heart.
2. It is not necessary that you will like what other suggest to see and to do. Thus, you have to keep in my mind those places but once you come over be ready that you might need plan B. Which I mentioned in number 1 :D
3. I did different kind of trips: luxurious, adventures, business, family, alone.. And I have to say that it is nice to go to a luxurious hotel resort and have a 'self spoiled vacation' and eat in 5 stars places BUT: in this way you wont see the real country, culture, local traditions and you might miss something very important. This is the real truth.
Of course, there are some places, like Monaco and Cannes where it is beautiful to stay in Hotel de Paris where all your needs are satisfied by one click. You sit at a gorgeous terrace with the glass of best champaigne and have an amazing view on the royal palace. For an instance, you feel yourself Grace Kelly.
But to tell you the truth, my best trip was when I had a backpack on my shoulders with all my things for one month and went to Brazil. I was sleeping at the airports to wait for a connection flight, I was taking long distance busses between the cities, I was walking in Fortaleza city in my tshirt and with no shoes. And if you ask me what I would change. It was perfect with its difficulties, imperfections, mosqitous. That made me feel alive!

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